Pictographs on North Hegman Lake and surrounding area

Pictographs on North Hegman Lake

Paddling along the length of the cliff you get a feel for the scale of this formation.

North Hegman Lake Pictographs
The "doorway" is centered in your view. There are two certain pictograph panels here. The left pictograph panel is immediately to the left of this "doorway". The much more obvious right panel is to the upper right of the "doorway".

North Hegman Lake Pictographs in BWCA
A closer view. The left panel is on the very left side of your view. The right panel is now obvious from this distance to the upper right of the "doorway". The doorway is just an interesting mineral wash. In fact the whole cliff face is rather stunning with many shades and colors. The "doorway" even has a "path" that leads directly below it down to the water. [Note: There are a number of books published that contain information on these pictographs (and many other sites in the BWCA and Quetico and throughout the Canadian Shield). There is mention of a third panel at this site down closer to the water line, but I have not been able to identify it after spending a good amount of time scouring these images.]

North Hegman Lake Pictographs in Boundary Waters Canoe Area
The "doorway" and the pictographs are set back up some ledges a good distance from the water.

Labeled North Hegman Lake Pictographs
There may be four lines (instead of three) in the left image below the 'Y' symbol.

North Hegman Lake
A good view of the right panel.

North Hegman Lake Cliff
The right panel shown in a portrait image displaying the ledges that lead up from the water.

[This video is recorded in full HD - change YouTube settings to higher resolution if you have the Internet bandwidth]. Slowly drifting by beneath the pictographs on the North Hegman Lake cliff.

There are two other pictograph panels on this cliff face, but these images are very difficult to see. Recommend checking the references section on the main pictograph page of this website for help seeing and understanding these. Only their location is shown in images below:

Ladder North Hegman Lake Pictographs
This is possibly the location of the ladder-like symbol.

Spiral North Hegman Lake Pictographs
A millimeter beyond the end of the yellow arrow is this symbol. Looked like a smudge, but is a spiral-like figure.


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