Mugwump Lake Primitive Management Area
Mugwump Lake PMA Map BWCA
Nearest Entry Point: Snowbank Lake, Round Lake or Kawishiwi Lake Number of Lakes in this PMA: 30;
Number of Creeks/Rivers in this PMA: 0
Maps: Fisher F-11, F-12; McKenzie #7, #8 Number of Lakes Visited in this PMA: 0;
Number of Creeks/Rivers Visited in this PMA: 0
Last Visited: Never Number of Zones in PMA: 5

Mugwump Lake Primitive Management Area

This is a large PMA with a lot of lakes. Many of the lakes in this PMA have fishing reports and lake maps available on the Minnesota DNR website. The largest and probably most visited lake in the Mugwump Lake PMA is Raven Lake. Raven Lake is moderately easy to reach via a creek from Roe Lake. There are two unmaintained portages of 16 rods and 48 rods to overcome. The regions namesake Mugwump Lake is a stiff bushwhack due east of Raven Lake. Van Lake, appearing to be the second biggest lake in this PMA, is more difficult to reach than Raven Lake. The best approach to Van Lake may be from its south through Bewon Lake and through several creeks and bogs.

From Wisini Lake in the west, Bakekana Lake and Elk Lake are both sizeable bodies of water. Bakekana is by itself with a long creek approach that appears to involve several bushwhacks. From Bakekana Lake, the only other reasonable bushwhack is to Capote Lake which is probably one of the hardest lakes to reach in this PMA. Elk Lake is also approached through a creek and a couple of large, squishy ponds, but looks to be more accessible than Bakekana Lake is.

Gabimichigami Lake provides the eastern gateway into the Mugwump Lake PMA. An east-west running creek that becomes navigable maybe 50 rods west of Gabi provides access to Marble Lake. Marble Lake resembles a cat’s-eye marble with its large island in the middle. From Marble Lake, creeks extend possibilities out to Sprig and Travois Lakes.

Hoe Lake along the south border provides entry to a nice group of lakes in this area. From Hoe Lake, easily access Maymay Lake and Cookoosh Lake. Up a stream from Maymay Lake is Amimi Lake. There used to be an old portage from Vee Lake to Amimi Lake. North of Amimi Lake, it is a mere liftover into Pace Lake. From the west shore of Pace Lake, there was once a maintained portage to Horsefish Lake.

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