Old Pines Trail
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Nearest Entry Point: Kekekabic (West)/Snowbank Lake Trail #74 Fishing: Alworth Lake, Disappointment Lake, Drumstick Lake, Kobe Lake, Medas Lake, Moiyaka Lake
Maps: Fisher F-10, F-11, F-31 Special; McKenzie #9 Trail Water Views: Alworth Lake, Disappointment Lake, Drumstick Lake, Kobe Lake, Medas Lake, Moiyaka Lake
Fire History: 1919
Wildlife Seen on Visit: None
Campsites: Possibly 9 (1 visited) Highest Trail Elevation: About 1,740 feet on flanks of Disappointment Mountain
Last Visited: October 3, 2021 Scenic Overlooks: Many, none visited yet
  Trail Connections and Trailheads:
Connections: Kekekabic Trail, Snowbank Lake Trail
Trailheads: Kekekabic Trail (West)/Snowbank Lake Trail

Old Pines Trail

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Kawishiwi Ranger District

Campsite 1: (#1383) - On Disappointment Lake just east of the Ahsub Lake portage
Campsite 2 (#1379): Near mid-lake along east shore just west of island on Disappointment Lake
Campsite 3 (#1380): Along east shoreline near mid-lake at base of point on Disappointment Lake
Campsite 4 (#1206): Elevated campsite just west of Disappointment Lake portage on Ahsub Lake - (Did not verify access to Old Pines Trail)
Campsite 5: On south shore 0.25 miles east of the Disappointment Lake portage on Ahsub Lake (for hikers of the Old Pines Trails - Not Verified)
Campsite 6: North shore of Medas Lake
Campsite 7: South shore of Moiyaka Lake
Campsite 8 (#1387): South shore of Alworth Lake
Campsite 9: North end of Drumstick Lake

Hiking the Old Pines Trail

Some of the huge pines you'll see along this trail are reckoned to be more than 300 years old (Beymer, 2006).

This hiking trail page is under construction.

Beymer, Robert, Boundary Waters Canoe Area – Volume 1 – Western Region (Berkeley: Wilderness Press, 2006), 173, 196.

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