Magnetic Rock Trail
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Nearest Entry Point: Border Route Trail (West) #81 Fishing: None
Maps: F-12; McKenzie #7 Trail Water Views: Larch Creek, Beaver Ponds
Fire History: 2007 Ham Lake Fire, 2002 prescribed burn
Wildlife Seen on Visit: None
Campsites: None Highest Trail Elevation: About 1800 feet +/- 40 feet
Last Visited: October 27, 2022 Scenic Overlooks: Magnetic Rock
  Trail Connections and Trailheads:
Connections: Border Route Trail, Kekekabic Trail
Trailheads: Border Route Trail (West)

Magnetic Rock Trail

Gunflint Ranger District

The Magnetic Rock Trail is 1.46-miles long and makes up the western end of the 65-mile long Border Route Trail (BRT). The Magnetic Rock Trail runs from the trailhead which is located along the Gunflint Trail, to Magnetic Rock, a roughly 40-foot high monolithic looking rock formation that has fairly strong magnetic properties. The area you will be hiking through has been impacted by both the July 4, 1999 windstorm that knocked down millions of trees across the BWCA wilderness and the 2007 Ham Lake fire. If you continue along the trail past Magnetic Rock, you will be on just the BRT. That trail continues for another 63.5 miles to the east, winding its way over hills and ridges through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. At it's eastern end it connects with the northern end of the Superior Hiking Trail.

Hiking the Magnetic Rock Trail (Eastbound)

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Hiking eastbound on the Magnetic Rock Trail/Border Route Trail to Magnetic Rock. There are several outstanding views of the surrounding area along the way. These are shown in the images below. The photos shown below are in the order you would see them if heading east along the trail.

Magnetic Rock Trail 1
The start of the trail. The trailhead is located about 46.5-miles up the Gunflint Trail from Grand Marais.

Magnetic Rock Trail 2
This overlook provides a nice view to the south. The pond is the one you passed not long after leaving the trailhead.

Magnetic Rock Trail 3
Fine view of some beaver ponds located in a depression surrounded on one side by the ridge you are standing on and by hills on the other side. This view is toward the west. The pond in question is located about 300 yards east of the Gunflint Trail.

Magnetic Rock Trail 4
Another wider angle view of the image above.

Magnetic Rock Trail 5
This is the eastern end of the Larch Creek valley overlook.

Magnetic Rock Trail 6
Looking in a more westerly direction of the rest of the Larch Creek valley. The creek runs along the far side of this bog along the tree line.

Magnetic Rock Trail 7
As you head east down the trail, this will be your first view of Magnetic Rock. This is 1.46-miles from the trailhead. The Border Route Trail Guide states that the height is 40 feet.

Magnetic Rock Trail 8
View from the otherside of Magnetic Rock. You are facing to the southeast.

Magnetic Rock Trail 9
Close up view of the base of Magnetic Rock.

Hiking the Magnetic Rock Trail (Westbound)

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Hiking the Magnetic Rock/Border Route combined trail from Magnetic Rock to the Border Route Trail West Trailhead located along the shoulder of the Gunflint Trail (County Road 12).

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