Angleworm Lake Trail
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Nearest Entry Point: Angleworm Lake Trail #21 Fishing: There are northern pike and walley in both Angleworm Lake and Home Lake. Unknown if fish are present in Whiskey Jack Lake
Maps: Fisher F-9; McKenzie #11 Trail Water Views: Spring Creek crossing; Angleworm Lake; Home Lake; Home Creek crossing; Whiskey Jack Lake; back to Angleworm Lake
Fire History:
Wildlife Seen on Visit: None
Campsites: 6 (Four on Angleworm Lake, 1 on Home Lake and 1 on Whiskey Jack Lake) (1 visited) Highest Trail Elevation: About 1,550 feet just east of Whiskey Jack Lake
Last Visited: September 18, 2015 Scenic Overlooks: Scenic view of wetland between Spring Creek and Angleworm Lake; Angleworm Lookout Tower spur?; haven't hiked it any further
Connections: None
Trailheads: Entry Point #21

Angleworm Lake Trail

Kawishiwi Ranger District

Campsite 1: Southern most campsite on this lake, along west shoreline

The Angleworm Lake Trail entry point is found along the Echo Trail. From Ely, MN it is 17 miles to the Angleworm Trail parking lot. The entire Angleworm Lake Trail is about 13 miles long. It circumnavigates both Angleworm Lake and Home Lake. There is also a crossing of Home Creek at the north end of Home Lake, where the creek flows out. Typically a large beaver dam here. The trail has lots of elevation change as the path alternates between following the ridgeline and dipping down to the shoreline of Angleworm Lake. You could feasibly hike this trail in one day, if you pack light and are in good shape. Most hikers spend two to three days. Some of the campsites along the trail are also accessible to canoeists.

For the first two miles of the Angleworm Lake Trail, the path is shared by those hardy folks portaging their gear to Angleworm Lake. The distance is 716 rods. Even so, you will encounter few paddlers taking this route due to the long distance. Before reaching Angleworm Lake, you will come to a four way intersection. The choices here are:
1) Go back from the direction you came (toward the parking lot).
2) Head to the left from the intersection and follow the trail to the west side of Angleworm Lake.
3) You can also go to your right and follow the Angleworm Trail to the east side of Angleworm Lake and follow the trail counterclockwise from there.
4) Also, the Trease Lake portage of 428 rods merges here. That portage heads south to Trease Lake.

An old lookout tower used to stand on the west side of Angleworm Lake up a steep hill. Remnants of the old tower still remain if you can find it.

Beymer, Robert, Boundary Waters Canoe Area – Volume 1 – Western Region (Berkeley: Wilderness Press, 2006), 118, 264.

Hiking the Angleworm Lake Trail

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Angleworm Lake BWCA
A spot near the south end of Angleworm Lake, on the east shore where the Angleworm Lake Trail comes right down to the lake. The pack is lying on the trail.

Angleworm Lake BWCA
Looking west across Angleworm Lake, from the east side of the lake along the Angleworm Lake Trail.

From the east side of Angleworm Lake, on the lake's south end, follow the Angleworm Trail south toward the four way intersection. At around the four minute mark you cross a marshy area that has a wooden walkway constructed across it. You reach the four way intersection at about the ten minute mark. Up to this point, you have only been on the Angleworm Lake Trail. After passing the four way intersection, you are following the trail leading back to the Entry Point 21 - Angleworm Trail parking lot. This is also the same path that the paddlers using Entry Point 20 - Angleworm Lake follow. This particular leg of the trail ends near the unnamed lake.

Angleworm Lake Trail BWCA
The Angleworm Lake Trail looking north, as it runs along the east side of Angleworm Lake. This is near the south end of the lake.

Angleworm Lake Trail BWCA
Between the south end of Angleworm Lake and the four way intersection, the trail coming from the east side of the lake crosses a marshy area. This wooden bridge is in place to make it much easier.

This section of the Angleworm Lake Trail is from the unnamed lake, to a natural rock outcrop. This natural outcropping of exposed rock is a good place to set down canoe and gear for a rest.

Angleworm Portage BWCA
The Angleworm Lake Trail effectively splits an unnamed lake. You see this view on one side of the trail. The image below is what you see when you look to the other side of the trail. A small stream that you can hop across flows over the trail at this point and allows the two ponds to exchange water.

Angleworm Trail BWCA
This unnamed lake is south of the four way intersection, but north of the Spring Creek crossing.

Angleworm Lake, Trease Lake, Angleworm Trail BWCA
As you traverse the Angleworm Trail and Angleworm portage between the Entry Point parking lot and Angleworm Lake, you will eventually come to this four way intersection. Your view here is as if you were coming from the Entry Point 20 - Angleworm Lake/Entry Point 21 - Angleworm Trail parking lot. Heading to the left goes to the west shore of Angleworm Lake. Taking the middle trail (just left of the canoe) will take you to Angleworm Lake's east side on the Angleworm Trail (not the portage anymore). Note that this will still get you to a place on Angleworm Lake where you can launch a canoe, it is just slightly more difficult and not the "official" way to the portage landing. Finally the trail on the far right goes up a slight hill and heads off toward the south in the direction of Trease Lake. This is the 428 rod Trease Lake portage and it is a tough one.

You continue on the combined Angleworm Lake Trail/Angleworm Lake Portage heading generally south in the direction of the entry point parking lot. At about the four minute mark along this section, you cross Spring Creek. The crossing is facilitated by a wood plank bridge. After crossing Spring Creek, the trail heads very slightly uphill the rest of the way.

Angleworm portage BWCA
Double plank wooden walkway that crosses the marshy area through which the upper reaches of Spring Creek meander.

Angleworm Lake portage BWCA
A garden of mosses and lichens in an open space in the forest along the portage.

The fourth and final section of the trail ends at the parking lot. The last part of the trail gets steadily more trodden and wider as you get near the end.

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