Campsite on Alton Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Alton Lake (#867)

Campsite last visited on: October 8, 2019

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Alton Lake Campsite 1
A rocky canoe landing, but the water is shallow and there is good footing. You will have to lift your canoe up onto shore. This campsite can be a little hard to spot from out on the lake.

Alton Lake Campsite 2
This is a compact campsite. Limited lake views from the kitchen.

Alton Lake Campsite 3
One of the tent pads. This is the grassy one for those who like it soft with extra bugs.

Not a particulary awesome campsite, but it will do. The landing is rocky with a lift up out of the water. There are two mediocre tent pads. You may be able to find another. The kitchen area has no good views of the lake. Other than standing at the canoe landing, there aren't really any views at all. Very shady. Could have bug problems. Lots of trees so hanging the food pack should be easy.

Alton Lake Campsite 4
Another view of the area around the fire grate. You can see the canoe landing spot in the background.

Alton Lake Campsite 5
The other obvious tent pad. You will have to strategically place your tent in order to avoid having a rock stab you in the back at night. This spot is right next to the fire.

Alton Lake Campsite 6
Alton Lake with many whitecaps visible in the distance. The water is shallow and clear right off the campsite, but the landing is kind of rocky and requires you to lift up your canoe in order to beach it. Lake is very exposed in this area, so could be issues with becoming wind bound.

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