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This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information that is received and collected by Also it describes how that information may be used.

Affiliate Links

When you purchase a product through a link on this website, may earn an affiliate commission. This is now a common media practice used by many websites.

It works like this: When you click a link on one of our pages that goes to an affiliate retailer, the URL automatically notes that you came from If you purchase that product, may earn a small commission that helps cover the costs of this website. (The product won’t cost you more—the price is the same as if you went directly to the website to make the purchase.) Affiliate links do not specifically endorse or recommend these products (although has used all of these products in the development of this website). The affiliate links are there to make it easier for you to connect to the item for additional consideration.

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Use of Analytics, like most every website on the Internet uses Google Analytics for tracking website metrics. This service provides with no personal information. Information about Google Analytics can be found here:

In otherwords, doesn't collect any personal data that could identify you.


We don't use them. Cookies are typically used by advertisers to target specific ads at website users based on their browsing habits.

Some of our future advertising partners may use cookies on Our advertising partners include...

Nobody! (This will be updated if we accept advertisers in the future, but that is unlikely.)

Disclaimers does not directly endorse any products or advertisers that may be used on this website now or in the future. does not assume any responsibility for users of this website. Any content on this site is for reference only. Some maps are provided by third parties and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of these maps. The information and conditions can change at any time, thus making the maps and information on this website unreliable. Use at your own risk.

You are responsible for your own safety in the Boundary Waters Canoe Are (BWCA) and/or Quetico Provincial Park wilderness areas. Always check local conditions before leaving the entry point. Obey all rules and regulations.

See this websites full Disclaimer page here.

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