Campsite on French Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on French Lake (#490)

Campsite last visited on: June 14, 2020

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French Lake Campsite 1
The tricky canoe landing. The pullout is on this rock slab. The water gets deep quickly and the underwater part of the rock slab is as slick as fresh grease.

French Lake Campsite 3
The windswept fire grate area. You will dry off very quickly at this campsite. There are few trees and any wind from the south will be coming right at you across a wide open French Lake.

If you are camping here, you are probably pretty desperate. The site is wind whipped and sun drenched. There are no trees for hanging food packs. Hopefully the bears find the place too forlorn and inhospitable to visit the area. This is a small campsite with a single tent pad. The tent pad is overgrown with tall grass due to lack of use and sun exposure. The trail to the biffy is also overgrown. Ground cover grows quickly in these burned areas because sunlight can reach the forest floor. The canoe landing is quite difficult. You pull up your boat on a sloped, smooth table rock. The water is deep near the shore. Also the smooth rocky is very slippery below the waterline.

French Lake Campsite 4
The fire pit area from another angle. You are looking toward the west.

French Lake Campsite 5
A look to the southeast from the campsite.

French Lake Campsite 6
The only tent pad at this campsite. Looks a bit itchy.

French Lake Campsite 7
The "can" can be found uphill along a brushy trail. This is the only area of this campsite with much wind protection and shade.

French Lake Campsite 2
Canoe landing. The view here is toward the west.

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