Campsite on Lake Three and surrounding area

Campsite on Lake Three (#1512)

Help with finding this campsite. There is a small island 1,500 due north of this campsite. This small island is not shown on most maps of Lake Three. The campsite is not located on this "invisible" island.

Campsite last visited on: August 7, 2021

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Lake Three Campsite 1
Room for one canoe to land at a time. There is a nice flat spot made of fine gravel between the boulder field to the left and the table rock to the right.

Lake Three Campsite 2
Fire pit has little shade and would be exposed to a north wind.

Lake Three Campsite 3
Dining area has some nice boulders (which don't rot) for sitting. A few mediocre logs too. Pleasant views all around from the kitchen.

Decent island campsite. There are still a few standing trees that survived the 2011 Pagami Creek Fire, including a fairly large white pine that you can see from well out on the lake.

Lake Three Campsite 4
This is the lakeside suite. One of the few shady areas at this campsite too.

Lake Three Campsite 5
There is a large table rock at the "summit" of this campsite that makes a nice platform for viewing the lake in multiple directions.

Lake Three Campsite 5
The platform viewing area. The firepit is visible in the background.

Lake Three Campsite 6
This tent pad is up the hill. To find it, head for the base of the huge white pine tree. Take a left and you'll find it.

Lake Three Campsite 7

Lake Three Campsite 8
At least there is some shade here.

Lake Three Campsite 9
The white pine that identifies this campsite. Survived the fire and stands head and shoulders (branches) above any other tree around.

Lake Three Campsite 10
That island in the distance is about 1500 feet away to the north. Note that this is the "invisible island". It is not shown on many BWCA navigation maps. This is proof that it really exists.

Lake Three Campsite 11
The fire pit area and view to the east.

Lake Three Campsite 12
This view is to the northwest along the shore of the island from just above the canoe landing.

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