Campsite on Missing Link Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Missing Link Lake (#549)

Campsite last visited on: July 23, 2016

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Missing Link Lake Campsite 1
This campsite is kind of hard to see from your canoe and it is easy to go right by it. The site is raised up above the water on a ledge. The canoe landing provides a secure place to exit the boat, by notching the bow into a crevice.

Missing Link Lake Campsite 2
A complete set of rock furniture "Flintstones-style" comes with this campsite. A couple of the log divans are available, but one is worn. The other one remains in fair shape.

Taking a brief walk around this campsite. [A fallen tree toppled by a recent storm prevented a walk all the way to the biffy. This tree was likely cleared not long after this was recorded.]

Missing Link Lake Campsite 3
A good look at the setup. Perfect sitting rocks. A few trees available for hanging the grub pack. The tent space is fairly minimal.

Missing Link Lake Campsite 4
Because of this campsites elevated position, it provides quite a view of the lake, even though it is sort of tucked into the forest. It is not a good stargazing campsite, as there are no exposed rock slabs extending out into the lake to provide unobstructed views of the sky.

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