Campsite on Rib Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Rib Lake (#560)

Campsite last visited on: June 15, 2019

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Rib Lake Campsite 1
Plenty of space to land several canoes. Sandy, hard and shallow - really a perfect landing spot.

Rib Lake Campsite 2
There are good views of the lake down by the canoe landing and it is easy to walk and fish along the shore (the lake isn't known for its fishing though). From the cooking area, there is a moderately obstructed view.

Rib Lake Campsite 3
A bumpy tent pad spot, just to the north of the cooking area.

You can't be picky about campsites on this lake, because this is your only choice. Rib Lake is not known for its fishing and it is the kind of lake often just "passed through" by paddlers. Therefore, a good chance this site will be available. There are no campsites on Lower George Lake -- next campsite southbound is on Karl Lake.

Rib Lake Campsite 4
The tent pad area visible in the background, in the shady area, looks descent.

Rib Lake Campsite 5
Another solid tent pitching location.

Rib Lake Campsite 6
A place for folks who like to sleep on a slope...

Rib Lake Campsite 7
Another view of the tent spot just south of the kitchen. This time a closeup.

Rib Lake Campsite 8
View to the south from the campsite on Rib Lake. The inlet to the left of center is where the stream from Lower George Lake flows into Rib Lake. That is also the location of the portage between the two lakes.

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