Portage between Newfound Lake and Skull Lake and surrounding area
Length in Rods: 20 rods Date portage was last visited: May 2, 2021
Portage Rating: Average  

The Portage between Newfound Lake and Skull Lake

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Portaging Direction: From Newfound Lake to Skull Lake

Skull-Newfound-Portage 1
Pulling up to the portage to Skull Lake. This portage has a good landing.

The portage gains about 30 feet of elevation from Newfound Lake, then levels out for a short stretch and finally drops gently to Skull Lake.

Skull-Newfound-Portage 2
It's not that bad of a landing, even though it looks rather swampy. A few rocks. Water isn't that deep, just a bit murky.

Now that you've made it over the portage, visit: SKULL LAKE

Portaging Direction: From Skull Lake to Newfound Lake

Skull-Newfound-Portage 3
Some underwater rocks and semi-cloudy water. Water isn't deep.

Portage rises slowly as it crosses the tip of a ridge running between Newfound Lake and Skull Lake. The path descends more steeply on the Newfound Lake end.

Skull-Newfound-Portage 4
The canoe put in on Newfound Lake has a firm bottom with small rocks in shallow water.

Now that you've made it over the portage, visit: NEWFOUND LAKE

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