Scotch Lake
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Nearest Entry Point: Kawishiwi Lake Fishing: Unknown
Maps: Fisher F-5 and F-11; McKenzie #8 and #20 Lake Depth: Unknown
Bushwhack Rating: Lake Size: 15 acres
Campsites: Unknown Wildlife Seen on Visit: Never visited
Last Visited: Never Lake Elevation: 1564 feet
Water Clarity: MN DNR Fire History: 1863-64

Scotch Lake

Humpback Lake PMA

Scotch likely does not refer to the drink of that name in this context. Here it is referring to a wedge that is used to stop a wheel from rolling. It could also mean ‘it ended here, for good’. What could have ended here is unknown if that is what the name refers too. Scotch being a type of wedge seems the most likely and could refer to scotching wagons until they were loaded with logs by lumberjacks so they wouldn’t roll away on the uneven terrain.

There was a large fire in this area around 1863-1864. This fire is known as the North Kawishiwi River/Alice Lake/Cypress Lake/Saganaga Lake Complex. This burn began south of the current BWCAW's southern boundary near the town of Isabella, Minnesota.

Approach to Scotch Lake

Head up the long north arm of River Lake, due south of Scotch Lake. This route follows a long, narrow peat bog that snakes through the forest.

Bushwhack to Scotch Lake

From the north end of the long north arm of River Lake, continue on foot to the northwest through a peat bog that is walled in by forest by both sides. Continue for about 70 rods in this direction. At this point, the peat bog makes a 90 degree turn to the northeast. Keep on hauling through the peat bog for about 50 more rods and you will come to open water. This is actually a long west stretching arm of Scotch Lake even though it looks pretty swampy.

Exploring Scotch Lake

Scotch Lake is a small lake with peat bogs extending back into its bays. There is no information to be found about either Scotch Lake or Caveman Lake.

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