Entry Point 14 - Little Indian Sioux River North
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Entry Point: Little Indian Sioux River North #14 Last Visited: September 27, 2020
Maps: Fisher F-9; McKenzie #12 Daily Quota: 4
Fire History: 1755-1759
Nearest Ranger Station: Kawishiwi Ranger Station in Ely
Trail Length from Parking Lot: 40 rods Restroom at Entry Point: Yes

Entry Point 14 - Little Indian Sioux River North

LaCroix Ranger District

This entry point is just a couple hundred feet down the road on the right from the BWCA Entry Point 9 parking lot. This entry point has a large parking lot and a restroom. The quota is six groups per day, so this place can get busy.

You can only proceed north (downstream) along the Little Indian Sioux River from this entry point. The only route is down the river, but once you reach Upper Pauness Lake and Lower Pauness Lake, many route options open up. Those two lakes are often busy and campsites fill up.

This entry point offers access to the shortest route to Lac La Croix, a huge sprawling lake around 30 miles long along the U.S. - Canadian Border.

Be sure to visit the Devil's Cascade which is viewable along the portage between Lower Pauness Lake and the lower part of the Little Indian Sioux River just before it reaches Loon Lake. If you plan to head to Shell Lake, you'll have a 220 rod portage to overcome.

From the parking lot it is 40 rods downhill to the canoe landing on the Little Indian Sioux River.

Exploring the Entry Point

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BWCA Entry Point 14 1
Parking lot for BWCA Entry Point 14. The portage down to the river starts just to the right of center near the end of the log barrier.

BWCA Entry Point 14 2
Most of the larger and busier entry points have a restroom.

BWCA Entry Point 14 3
The bulletin board. Like the use of the curved logs that support the structure. If you need a day permit, they are in the box on the right side.

BWCA Entry Point 14 4
Close up of the bulletin board.

BWCA Entry Point 14 5
The start of the portage down to the river from the parking lot.

The 40 rod portage is mostly downhill. It crosses several areas of bare rock. Some wide steps to go down just before the river. The canoe landing is not great, with lots of boulders. (See this portage in both directions here.)

BWCA Entry Point 14 6
Little Indian Sioux River from the end of the entry point portage.

Now that you've reached the bank of the river, visit the: LITTLE INDIAN SIOUX RIVER

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