Campsite on Smoke Lake and surrounding area

Campsite on Smoke Lake (#921)

Campsite last visited on: May 21, 2020

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Smoke Lake Campsite 1
A flat rock platform rising up out of shallow water provides a nice pier for boat landings. This rock shelf also offers a good place to sit or fish. You are looking southward.

Smoke Lake Campsite 2
Another view of the "dock".

Smoke Lake Campsite 3
Some engineers created an interesting piece of machinery and left it near the fire pit. Imagine it will become firewood eventually. Sort of looks like an old fashioned tiller that would be pulled by an ox to plow farm fields.

Smoke Lake Campsite 4
The fire pit from a different angle.

A good site. The fire pit and tent pads are back in the forest with no real views of the lake. There is a very handy rocky point that juts out into the lake right in front of the campsite. You can use this flat slab of rock to land canoes, fish, sit around or for a star viewing platform at night. It is a large campsite with plenty of room for all the tents you might have. The campsite is located a little to the north of the main route across Smoke Lake that runs between the Sawbill Lake and the Burnt Lake portages, so paddlers coming and going won't be passing by that closely.

Smoke Lake Campsite 5
A close up of the engineering project. A rack to hold stuff of some sort?

Smoke Lake Campsite 6
One of the places around the campsite where you could potentially set up a tent.

Smoke Lake Campsite 7
Here's another location to put a tent.

Smoke Lake Campsite 8
And another...maybe the best too and also the biggest.

Smoke Lake Campsite 9
This campsite has a newer, deluxe model biffy.

Smoke Lake Campsite 10
Looking toward the north across Smoke Lake, from the dock made of rock out in front of the campsite.

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