Snake River
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Nearest Entry Point: Snake River #84 Fishing: Unknown
Maps: Fisher F-4; McKenzie #18 River Depth: Over 5 feet in places
Fire History:
River Length: About 11 miles
Campsites: 0 Wildlife Seen on Visit: None
Last Visited: August 5, 2016 River Elevation: Headwaters in a bog about half a mile southeast of Shamrock Lake at 1625 feet. Mouth at Isabella River at 1454 feet. River drops 171 feet over its entire course.
Water Clarity: N/A Routes from Snake River:
To BWCA Entry Point 84: Walk the 198 rod portage
To Isabella River: Paddle In

Snake River

Kawishiwi Ranger District

The entire river is just over 11 miles long. It starts in a bog just southeast of Shamrock Lake which is just east of Forest Road 386. From the end of the 198 rod portage from the entry point parking lot, it's about a mile paddle downriver until you reach the Isabella River. There are two portages along the Snake River downstream of the entry point portage. Where the darkly stained Snake River enters the Isabella River is just upstream of Bald Eagle Lake. The mouths of the Snake River and the Little Isabella River are separated by a four mile stretch of the Isabella River.

You can make a long day trip out of the three rivers in this area. Put your canoe in at the Little Isabella River entry point. Paddle down the Little Isabella River to the Isabella River. Float the Isabella River to the mouth of the Snake River. Finally, paddle up the Snake River and follow the portage to the Snake River entry point parking lot. From there, just walk back down the road (assuming you have only one car) to the Little Isabella River entry point parking lot. You can do this in either direction, but starting from the Little Isabella River is slightly easier because the majority of the travel would be downstream with the current.

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Traveling the Snake River

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Snake River 1
Just below some rapids is the put in for the Snake River. You are standing at the end of the 198 rod entry point portage. Direction of travel from here is to the left, downstream.

Route Connections for Snake River

From the Snake River, you can paddle into the Isabella River. In addition, you can leave the BWCA by portaging to BWCA Entry Point 84.

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