Wind Lake
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Nearest Entry Point: Moose Lake #25 Fishing: MN DNR Fish Survey; Bluegill, Northern Pike, Rock Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye
Maps: Fisher F-10, F-31; McKenzie #17, #116 Lake Depth: 32 feet
Fire History: 1910
Lake Size: 926 acres
Campsites: 7 (0 visited) Wildlife Seen on Visit: Bald Eagle
Last Visited: May 2, 2021 Lake Elevation: About 1350 feet
To Basswood Lake: Walk the 180 rod portage (length varies with creek water levels)
To Moose Lake: Walk the 175 rod portage
To Washte Lake: Unmarked and unmaintained portage of about 30 rods

Wind Lake

Kawishiwi Ranger District

None visited yet.

This is a popular lake, just west of Moose Lake, that requires only a short paddle to reach. The portage of 175 rods is rather longish, but is otherwise easy.

Washte Lake is accessible by an unmaintained portage from Wind Lake. The portage runs from the small bay on Wind Lake to the northwest shore of Washte Lake. The Minnesota DNR accesses Witness Lake from Washte Lake via a "discrete" (as the Minnesota DNR calls it) 90 rod portage.

Lake is known for good northern pike and walleye fishing.

The area was logged by the Swallow and Hopkins Company of Duluth in the early 1900's. The logs were milled in Winton, Minnesota by Sam Simpson's operation. Simpson was succeeded by Mr. Good and was in charge of the operation until the Winton mill shut down in 1922 (Heinselman, 1999). Good Lake is also named after him. In 1910 a slash fire burned some of Wind Lake's shoreline.

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Exploring Wind Lake

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Wind Lake 1
Peering west from the Moose Lake portage. That island (center of view) is about 900 feet away.

Wind Lake 2
View to the southwest along the shoreline. This image is from the Moose Lake portage.

Route Connections for Wind Lake

From Wind Lake, you can portage to Basswood Lake and Moose Lake. You can also take an unmaintained portage to Washte Lake.

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